Human Rights activist calls on Government to invite AU on the establishment of Hybrid Court for South Sudan 

The Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Advocacy (CPA) Ter Manyang Gatwech has called on the government to invite the African Union to discuss the establishment of Hybrid Court for South Sudan (HCSS).

 Gatwech said the processes to be discussed are judicial and non- judicial mechanisms on truth seeking, prosecution initiatives, reparations and various measures to prevent the recurrence of human rights violations and issues of institutional reforms in South Sudan.

 He asked why there are delays in the establishment of Hybrid Court during training workshop organized on November 6th to 8th 2023 by the AU in Addis Ababa and in response, Dr. Ikubaje John Gbodi the Coordinator Human Rights and Transitional Justice of the AU, said he is ready to come to South Sudan in order to have a chat on the establishment of the Hybrid Court for South Sudan.

“The Government of South Sudan is responsible to invite the AU in order to chat on the HCSS. Transitional justice aims to provide recognition, enhance the trust of individuals’ in the state institutions, reinforce respect for human rights and promote the rule of law, as a step towards reconciliation and the prevention of new violations,” he said. 

The Amani Training Workshop on the African Union brought together participants from AU, Civil Society leaders, academicians and foreigner embassies.  

Objectives are aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding of how the African Union functions and about the decision- making processes and dynamics of AU, facilitating reflection on available avenues for CSOs to effectively engage with the AU Policy and decision-making processes to deepen the partnership.

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