State governments should do more in protecting humanitarian workers

The recent killing of humanitarian workers in both Pibor Administrative Area and Warrap State respectively should push the state governments to do more to improve security.

It true, that the state governments rely increasingly on the national government for security. Leaders in the states need to learn from the Governor of Lakes State Rin Tueny Mabor who has transformed security in his state in a few years.

We have not heard of rampant killings of civilians in Lakes state which for years was nearly ungovernable prior to the coming Governor Mabor.

President Salva Kiir needs to be tough on some of the state governors and heads of the three administrative areas when it comes to security. The question remains, what exceptional thing did the leaders in Lakes state do to achieve stable security?

Politicians in the state governments should be held accountable for failing to rein in wanton killings under their watch.

 The killing of civilians and humanitarian workers shows  these leaders at the local level have failed to deliver on their roles.

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