Government must open up genuine civic and political space

As the transitional unity governments moves closer toward holding the 2024 elections, it must take seriously the issue of pluralism.

This means doing much to open up civic and political space to allow a leveled ground for all political competitors.

President Salva Kiir last week reconstituted the National Elections Commission, the Political Parties Council and the National Constitutional Review Commission and appointed officials to lead them as the country prepares for the elections in December 2024.

This development is commendable but more needs to be done to encourage trust and confidence in the upcoming polls.

The opposition especially the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in opposition (SPLM-IO) widely expected to challenge the SPLM of President Kiir remains largely restricted to the capital, Juba.

This could signal to the hesitancy on the side of some political actors to allow a leveled playing field for all political parties. South Sudan needs an election that will not divide it’s population, but one that will unite the population to have hope of being governed democratically

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