Appreciation of the Dawn newspaper by police IGP, should lead to closer cooperation with media

The recently appointed Inspector General of the South Sudan National Police Services, Gen .Atem Marol Biar Kuek wrote a congratulatory message appreciating the work done by the Dawn Newspaper in reporting facts with their authenticity.

This message has been well received by the management of the Dawn newspaper which is hoping to see closer collaboration and cooperation the police and other security agencies.

The relationship between the previous police chiefs and the media has been frosty due to mistrust and suspicion. We hope IGP Marol will establish a new network of communication and cooperation with not only the Dawn newspaper but all media houses in the country.

There are so many things happening in our communities which both parties can share to the benefit of all South Sudanese.

For example, the recent operation aimed at ridding Juba of criminal gangs instituted by IGP Marol was welcomed by many in the media. The IGP needs the media if this important operation against criminals is to succeed. We need to see the police force embracing community policing strategy which has proven the most successful strategy all over the world. You cannot get at criminals unless you cooperate with the community

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