Ethiopia offer scholarships to 120 South Sudanese students

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on Tuesday offered undergraduate scholarships to 120 South Sudanese students.

By Awan Achiek

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on Tuesday offered undergraduate scholarships to 120 South Sudanese students.

Nebil Mahdi Abdullahi, the Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan said the scholarships are part of the agreement signed in November 2022 between the two countries.

“This program is meant for those who are undergraduate students that are going to seven different universities, and next week will have for postgraduate, technical and vocational training and PhD program,” Mahdi said during the farewell party organized for the students at the embassy in Juba.

 Mahdi said the embassy will work jointly with South Sudan’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology to ensure students complete their studies successfully.

“I wish them to graduate with best results and return to South Sudan and become the bridge and social ambassadors between Ethiopia and South Sudan,” he said.

 “I am sure from my experience that South Sudanese are performing well in Ethiopian Universities because their background is very good,” Mhadi disclosed.

For his part, Dr. Adil Athanasio, Undersecretary of Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology hailed the Ethiopian Embassy for supporting the human resource development in the country.

“The number is big and we are very much happy because for the last three to four years, they are performing well and we are not getting much difficulty with them,” said Athanasio.

He called on students to commit themselves in their studies and acquire knowledge that can be applied to build the country.

“They are going to be our ambassador in our neighboring country that has been supporting us historically during liberation and now during development,” said Athanasio.

For his part, Naranda Dina who spoke on behalf of the students said, “I heard that there is no discrimination and that means we are going to study freely”.

Last week, the Ethiopian government offered scholarships to 30 South Sudanese medical doctors to study in seven different higher institutions of learning.

The doctors will specialize in pediatrics and child health, general surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology and pediatric surgery.

Since independence, South Sudan has been cooperating with Ethiopia in the field of education where thousands of students were sponsored to study various courses in Ethiopia.

In November 22, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia increased the number of scholarship for South Sudanese students from 100 to 150.

Previously, Ethiopia provided scholarships for both postgraduate and undergraduate students and also  provided Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET) for 60 students.

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