Zain installs high-speed 4G-LTE network in Akop Payam

By Awan Achiek

Zain Group in partnership with National Communication Authority on Sunday launched the first-ever  high-speed 4G-LTE network in Akop Payam of Warrap State.

Speaking during the launch on Sunday in Akop, Philip Hannan, Zain South Sudan Chief Executive Officer said the launch of the network in Akop Payam is in-line with Zain’s mission of bringing connectivity to people of South Sudan.

“As Zain we have a mission to bring connectivity to all of South Sudan, connectivity is not all about communication but is also about bringing progress and development to the country,”  Hannan said.

He said the communication will bring prosperity as well as boost business.

“While you have your network here, you don’t only communicate but also it brings prosperity, it brings education and most importantly it brings possibility of doing better business,” Hannan said.

Eng. Napoleon Adok Gai, Director General for National Communication Authority said the network is the latest and fastest technology.

“The network that is being launched in Akop is basically the latest technology because it is LTE-4-G, you can stream video from here which was unheard of before,” Adok said.

He hailed Zain for accepting to become partner in the drive in improving, accelerating connectivity in the county.

“This is the project which is covering how to bring connectivity to most remote areas, I know it is very hard in term of logistic and investment,” he added.

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