Registration of political parties’ kickoffs in Juba

The recently Reconstituted Political Parties Council (PPC) on Tuesday announced the commencement of the registration exercise of political parties across the country

By Benjamin Takpiny

The recently Reconstituted Political Parties Council (PPC) on Tuesday announced the commencement of the registration exercise of political parties across the country.

James Akol  Zakayo, the Chairperson of Political Parties Council  said that the registration exercise is focused on registration of  political parties that are not yet registered.

 “Pursuant to the provision of Article 197(A) of the transitional constitution of the republic of South Sudan, 2011( as Amended) read together with Sections 8(6) &(7), 11(e),12(4), 13 of the Political Parties Act 2012 (Amended)  and regulation 49 of the Political Parties, 2015 (Amendment) regulation 2024 and cognizant of the due elections in December 2024, I James Akol Zakayo Dhiak , Chairperson of Political Parties  Council, do hereby announce the beginning of provisional and full registration of un-registered political parties, this order  shall come into force on the date of its signature,” Zakayo said during press conference held in Juba.

 He said that registration process starts with the provisional registration, which has its own requirements up to when the party is fully deemed registered.

 Zakayo said that applicants will fill not less than 27 forms, adding that political parties that want to apply for registration should meet the registrar and get all the checklists for the registration.

He said that political parties that aspire to be registered must draw members from two-thirds of ten states and the three administrative areas.

“You need to make sure that your members are not from one state, you need to have representation in all the ten states, and your party must reflect the citizens of South Sudan, it should not be a tribal party   but a party  that captures all the tribes in South Sudan, so we encourage all the parties to comply with that,” Zakayo said.

He disclosed that they have the institutions in place to ensure right procedures are followed during the registration exercise.

 “We will visit the states and we will go to those administrative areas to confirm the presence of those who are applying to be registered, we expect people to abide by the requirements for registration,” Zakayo said.

He revealed that there are already 14 registered political parties, adding that subsection 7, section 8, subsection 6 and 7 qualify these parties as duly registered in the country.

 Dr. Lona James Elia, the deputy chairperson of the Political Parties Council encouraged all the political parties to visit their offices located adjacent to the Bank of South Sudan in Juba town.

He said that their offices are open from morning until 5 o’clock.

“You ensure that the Act clearly indicates that we need to have 35% women representation and also people with special needs, including people with disability. So surely you should ensure that your executive and then your management in your political parties have this representation of the women as a requirement by the Act 2012, amended 2022,” James said. South Sudan is due for general election at the end of the current transition period in December 2024.

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