Government appoints first female UN permanent representative

The government has appointed Ambassador Cecilia Adeng as its Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
Cecilia Adeng (Left) meets Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

By Awan Achiek

The government has appointed Ambassador Cecilia Adeng as its Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Adeng becomes the first female to hold the position since the country’s independence in 2011.

She replaces Ambassador Akuei Bona Malual, whose tenure ended following the extension of the UN arms embargo on South Sudan in March, a decision that reportedly angered the government.

Adeng presented her credentials to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday to mark her diplomatic tenure, according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation issued in Juba.

Adeng previously served as Deputy Permanent Representative at the UN Permanent Mission in New York.

She is an experienced Deputy Head of Mission with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry.

“Ambassador Adeng, an experienced diplomat, brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong commitment to advancing the interests of South Sudan within the United Nations framework,” it said.

It disclosed that Adeng’s appointment as Permanent Representative positions her as a key figure in fostering dialogue, promoting cooperation, and addressing global challenges.

During the presentation of her credentials, Ambassador Adeng expressed South Sudan’s dedication to positively contributing to global affairs and upholding the principles of the United Nations Charter.

“As the Permanent Representative, Ambassador Adeng will represent South Sudan’s interests, participate in committees and forums, and engage in diplomatic negotiations on pressing global issues,” it said.

“Her tenure is expected to involve active involvement in discussions related to peace and security, development, human rights, and other critical matters that affect South Sudan and the wider world,”it added.

It further said that beyond Adeng’s diplomatic responsibilities, her appointment carries symbolic significance as the first female South Sudanese ambassador to the world body.

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