Chinese oil firm donates computers, power supply equipment to University of Juba

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) on Tuesday donated the first batch of computers and uninterrupted power supply system (UPS) equipment to the University of Juba in South Sudan.
Ma Qiang, (Middle) Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan addresses academic staff and students of the University of Juba during the donation ceremony of computer equipment and power supply system in Juba.

By Denis Ejulu

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) on Tuesday donated the first batch of computers and uninterrupted power supply system (UPS) equipment to the University of Juba in South Sudan.

Robert Mayom Deng, Vice Chancellor for the University of Juba, said during the donation ceremony in Juba, that the equipment currently stored in the main computer laboratory built by CNPC, will help improve teaching and research at the leading university in the country.

“We have got a number of scholars that are being trained in China at the moment, some of them have just registered for their PhDs and we hope some of them are coming this year; there are also those who have embarked on other programs and we really need to appreciate that,” Mayom said.

The first batch of the donated equipment includes 20 computers and 15 uninterrupted power supply  system (UPS) for engineering school and 140kw UPS and battery pack for the main computer lab, and the second batch will include 25 computers with 15 UPS devices. “My request, is that let us improve this relationship to a higher level because I am sure that the People’s Republic of China can provide us with a lot, and also for the Chinese language we need a Confucius center, I see it in places like South Africa and also other countries in Africa why not in South Sudan, so that we can be able to extend Chinese culture,” Mayom said.Arkangelo Okwang Oler, Director General for Planning, Training and Research in the Ministry of Petroleum said that they have been cooperating with CNPC and other Joint Oil Companies (JOCs) to skill engineering students from various universities in the country.“We have handled them (students) at the level of the ministry and we have recommended them to the Joint Oil Companies, and a lot has been done because some of them have managed  even to go up to the oil fields to get hands on skills on production equipment,” Oler said.He also said that they plan to set up petroleum training institute to help skill university interns.Lu Jiangbo, President of CNPC said that the computer equipment and other items they have donated will improve the schooling facilities and also provide necessary instruments for students to grasp advanced Knowledge and technology. “As an international petroleum company, we always adhere to the principle of “mutual benefit” for the common development, CNPC not only cooperates sincerely with the South Sudanese government in petroleum sector, but also bears it’s corporate social responsibility proactively to give back to the local society,” Lu said.He said that CNPC has spent more than 6 million U.S dollars on 20 projects related to social welfare, education, health, natural disaster alleviation and infrastructure development across the country.Ma Qiang, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan said that the Chinese companies such as CNPC have played key role in the development of China-South Sudan relations, adding that CNPC has made a significant contribution to the development of the oil industry in South Sudan. “As a reliable friend and staunch supporter of South Sudan, China has been and will continue to provide necessary assistance as it’s ability allows in promoting the humanitarian conditions, advancing the peace process, and enhancing the self-development capabilities of South Sudan. To this end China has taken the lead in providing several batches of in-kind assistance to the unified necessary forces,” Ma said.He also noted that the Chinese embassy places great importance on South Sudan’s education cause, especially on strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the University of Juba, including offering opportunities for management training in China to enhance the university’s administrative capabilities, and funding the “Chinese Ambassador Award” since 2021.“Today, I am glad to announce that not long ago after, the embassy will hand over a solar E-classroom to build a China culture center at the university,” Ma said.

Ma disclosed that CNPC also aided the construction of Juba.No.3 protection of civilians (PoC)  site and a hospital and also worked with other foreign investors to build schools,   clinics, water wells, water stations, roads and power lines in communities around the oil fields.


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