Foreign journalists commend China for giving them opportunity to explore different beautiful places

Foreign journalists from 32 countries and regions who visited last week Jiangsu Province have commended China for giving them the opportunity to explore different beautiful places in the province.
A Commemorative Group Photo with Guests and Media Representatives ( Global Times online)

By Benjamin Takpiny, Beijing China

Foreign journalists from 32 countries and regions who visited last week Jiangsu Province have commended China for giving them the opportunity to explore different beautiful places in the province.

They Journalists participated in the “Travelogue of China” program, which kicked off in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

The event was guided by the Cyberspace Administration of China’s Bureau of Internet Communication and jointly hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association and Global Times Online. The journalists were given an opportunity to explore China’s millennia-old civilization as part of the 2024 “Travelogue of China” International Media Communication Activity (“Travelogue of China”) which began on March 21 in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

The activity spanning six days provided an opportunity for foreign journalists to participate in site visits, exchange interactions, and immersive experiences in Wuxi City located in Southeast China’s Jiangsu Province, Taizhou, Changshu and other areas to explore the modern technology within China’s economic development, and experience the three cities’ beautiful scenery, rich culture and modernization achievements.

Some of the explored projects include the Taihu Lake’s Ecological Dredging Project, Wuxi film production studio, and the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge with construction overseen by China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), a multinational engineering and Construction Company primarily engaged in the design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets.

Joseph Kargbo  a journalist from Sierra Leone told the Dawn that  he was impressed with the massive development that’s taking place in Jiangsu.

He noted that some of the attractions include witnessing the construction of the longest bridge in China and other companies specialized in advanced in manufacture of advanced technological equipment such as TBM machinery.

“I had never seen such a company (TBM Machinery) in life, I must confess that China is a beacon of hope for Africa,” said Kargbo.

 “As a journalist, I think such culture of embracing ourselves for country to develop is of essence. I’ve seen, witness and feels it better in Jiangsu province, African needs to look into the broader lenses and cultivate the culture of hard-work”.

“Our leaders should inculcate the habit of honestly, patriotism, innovation for their subordinate, they must be corrupt Free in all their doing and put interest above else,” said Kargbo.

Théophile Niyitegeka a Rwanda journalist said that his journey through Jiangsu has been a thrilling journey of discovery. From the impressive infrastructure, encompassing roads and real estate, every view is worth a story.

“Beyond the visually appealing landmarks and cultural treasures, the warmth of Chinese hospitality tempts one to extend their visit. Jiangsu will always hold a special place in my heart”.

He said that his visit to various projects, including the ecological dredging initiatives at Lake Taihu, underscore China’s dedication to harmonizing progress with ecological sustainability and enhancing the quality of life globally.

“As a country which has proven prowess across various development sectors, African countries can leverage existing cooperation especially through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and other bilateral agreements to shape a bright, shared future built on mutual trust and respect”.

Speaking during the launching ceremony of the 2024 Travelogue of China activity, Wu Hailong, President of the China Public Diplomacy Association, emphasized the importance of viewing China through a lens of dynamism and progress, observing its trends, potential, and the forces driving its development.

He articulated his wishes for the foreign journalists, “With the ‘Travelogue of China’ journey through Jiangsu,

“I encourage you to keenly observe with your eyes, listen attentively with your ears, reflect deeply with your minds, and ultimately, share your insights and observations of China with the world through your cameras and keyboards.”

“In my opinion, the key to understanding China lies in comprehending the fundamental role of the Communist Party of China and its socialist system” Wu  said that the remarkable achievements of China and its people today are the result of the leadership of the CPC and the advantages of China’s socialist system.

“Moreover, journalists exploring China should also seek to understand the lives of the Chinese people. The accomplishments we see today in China weren’t simply handed down from above, nor were they bestowed by any foreign entity. Rather, they are the fruits of the relentless dedication and hard work of the Chinese people, guided by the CPC through successive generations”.

Wu said that China’s development offers the world opportunities, momentum, confidence and hope.

Wu added China contributes a third of global growth and has long served as an engine propelling the world economy.

“Journalists present come from brotherly African countries. China has always shared a common future with Africa, fostering robust cooperation and escalating investments on the continent”

He said that For 15 consecutive years, China has stood as Africa’s top trading partner.

“The essence of China-Africa cooperation extends beyond economic gain; it aims to enhance Africa’s capacity for self-reliance, promote stability and prosperity, and secure Africa’s autonomy over its future”.

Huang Weigong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, emphasized the significant progress that Wuxi has made in economic development, industrial innovation, and international cooperation.

 “We sincerely hope that everyone will take the time to explore Wuxi, uncover the secrets behind our shared cultural and economic prosperity, and experience the dynamic force of new productive capabilities. We also look forward to deepening our friendship through ongoing engagement.” Huang said.

Shan Chengbiao, general manager of Global Times Online said that  For years, Global Times Online has remained steadfast in its mission to bridge China and the rest of the world, taking on the responsibility of narrating China’s stories compellingly and disseminating China’s voice far and wide.

“We are dedicated to presenting a kaleidoscope of the world to our Chinese readers and deciphering the wonders of China for an international audience. In doing so, we aim to foster bridges of understanding and facilitate rich exchanges”

Shan added that in their quest to present China as a nation characterized by credibility, affection, and respect, Global Times Online has collaborated with like-minded partners to converge on common ground, pool our efforts, and incessantly expand our network of friends in shaping China’s image and authoring narratives of cooperation.

“We hope our friends from different media agencies, can experience the strength of the infrastructure giant while visiting the industrial parks and capture the threads of heritage and explore the stories behind them while walking in natural scenic areas and historical sites,” said Shan Chengbiao, general manager of Global Times Online.

The “Travelogue of China” activity is guided by the Network Communication Bureau of the Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, jointly hosted by the China Public Diplomacy Association and Global Times Online, and co-organized by the Office of the Wuxi Municipal Cyberspace Affairs Commission, Foreign Affairs Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, and Wuxi Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd.

 During a six-day period, foreign journalists participated in site visits, exchange interactions, and immersive experiences in Wuxi, Taizhou, Changshu, and other areas. They witness firsthand the innovative achievements driven by the rapid development of new quality productive forces and experience the dynamic and powerful integration of traditional culture with modern technology within China’s economy.





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