Parliament needs to hold executive accountable on pending peace tasks

The chief of staff of the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring Evaluation Commission (RJMEC),Berhanu Kebede, handed over on Monday the quarterly report to the national parliament in Juba.

The report highlights the delays in implementing the security arrangements on time as the elections approach in December 2024.

Only 4,000 forces out of the 53,000 graduated in the first phase since August 2022, have been redeployed, translating into 6 percent of the forces.

The second phase of training is also way behind schedule, and yet time is of essence if the parties are to complete the pending critical things within the peace agreement.

The national parliament has somewhat been docile when it comes to holding the executive accountable on peace implementation. The legislative assembly is also culpable when it comes to speeding up the enactment of bills, enshrined in the peace agreement.

For example, the bills on Commission for Truth, Reconciliation and Healing (CTRH) and the Compensation and Reparation Authority (CRA) bills, which were approved in December 2023 by the Council of Ministers, are still yet to be enacted by legislators.

It such delays that is contributing toward the slow implementation of the 2018 revitalized peace agreement. Parliament needs to wake up from slumber.

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