The government needs to seriously end the tax row with aid agencies

Nearly 9 million people are food insecure in South Sudan, according to credible reports by the United Nations agencies.

These are in urgent need of humanitarian support, and yet the current impasse after the government imposed taxes on humanitarian goods means these millions of people will not be reached by UN and humanitarian agencies.

The United Nations agencies play critical role not only in facilitating humanitarian response activities, but also they provide social services such as education, health and also support agriculture.

In addition, particularly the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) provides not only security patrols but also is engaged in constructing of schools, roads and other government facilities like police stations.

The current blockade on fuel owned by the UN agencies means all these services will not be provided to people in critical need of humanitarian support.

The United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) plays critical role in transporting not only humanitarian goods, but also facilitates movement of government officials between the States and Juba.

This current tax row needs sober minded people in government to end it, because according to international law the United Nations agencies are not subject to taxation on their goods especially humanitarian goods.

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