The violence in Tambura is fanned by politicians

The ongoing deadly massacres in Tamura County are politically motivated and the solution is to sit down the rival politicians behind this sad episode of violence.

The fighting between the Balanda militia with alleged support from Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in opposition (SPLA-IO) and the Avungura-led militia allegedly backed by South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) needs to be addressed by not burying heads in the sand.

Thousands of people have been repeatedly displaced and a sizable number killed since fighting first erupted in June 2021 in Tambura.

Despite, the recent efforts to deploy the SSPDF, more barbaric killings continue to take place, leaving many South Sudanese wondering whether there is a government in place to protect their lives and properties.

What is happening in Tambura has the hallmarks of what previously happened in Leer County and Mayendit in Unity State.

Both the local politicians and some of their guilty masters in Juba are to blame for the bloodletting in Tambura. It’s worrying and shocking that violence has not spared even the church, with some men of the cloth being disappeared.

South Sudan should not be a country where citizens disappear without them being accounted for within 48 hours as stipulated in the constitution.

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