Two candidates to contest for leadership of the bar association

Two advocates are set to contest for the for the leadership position of the South Sudan Bar Association (SSBA).
Members of the Advocate Alliance are seen gathered at the Premises of the Judiciary in Juba

.By Simon Deng

Two advocates are set to contest for the for the leadership position of the South Sudan Bar Association (SSBA).

 Arop Malueth of Advocate Alliance and Reech Ring of Reform and Prosperity, are the candidates that will compete for the presidency in an election scheduled to take place on May 29 2024.

Wani Stephen, the head of media and communication for advocate alliance, said the South Sudan Bar Association is preparing to elect the executive leadership including, the president, the deputy president and the secretary general.

“Today we came to submit the nomination form, in the alliance we are standing behind Arop Malueth who is our candidate for the position of the president, and Abraham Ghandi for deputy president and also Stephen Nyichar for the position of secretary general,” said Stephen during an interview in Juba on Thursday.

Stephen said that advocates alliance has a vision to establish an efficient and professional bar association.

“We are urging all people to leave all their differences aside and to form effective and professional bar association,” he said.

In March, 2024, the Supreme Court suspended the South Sudan Bar Association from the Judicial Service Commission and ordered for fresh election after 60 days under observation of the judiciary.

Election campaigns are set to begin on May 22, 2024.

Mut Turuk, the candidate contesting for vice president of the bar association from Reform and Prosperity Group, said their candidates Reech Ring and Malish Stanley deserve to be elected president and secretary general because they are aiming to reform the South Sudan bar association.  

“We are standing for reform because since independence of South Sudan, the bar association does not have in place organizational and legislative structures,” said Turuk.

Members of Reform and Prosperity Group seen at the premises of the Judiciary.

Turuk said that the legal business worldwide is protected by rules and regulations, adding that the bar association will be looking forward to establishing a training institute for those joining the legal profession in the country.

“As reform, we aim to elevate the standard of the legal profession to the level of sister bodies in East Africa, we will be working very hard to make sure that the bar association promotes and protects human rights in the country,” he said.

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