Youth organization to train 10,000 students on career guidance

Peacepedia a youth-led continental platform plans to train 10,000 secondary school students on career guidance in Juba.
Ayuen Peter, Executive Director of Peacepedia (File photo).

By Awan Achiek

Peacepedia a youth-led continental platform plans to train 10,000 secondary school students on career guidance in Juba.

The training expected to start next month will cover about 50 secondary schools both private and public.

Ayuen Peter, Executive Director of Peacepedia said the three-month training will be conducted in collaboration with Teachers Without Borders, YALI RLC EA South Sudan and DTI Printing and training Center.

“High school is the most crucial stage in terms of a career. I believe this program will clear paths and simplify the understanding of career choices, nurturing the burning desire in the minds of students to choose careers that will be impactful in their lives,” Peter told The Dawn on Thursday in Juba.

Peter said they have already trained volunteers who will train students on how to choose realistic career goals, which will prepare them to undertake quality courses in top universities.

“We are appealing to youth organizations, international NGOs and companies to support education because through it we can change the current status of our continent,” he said.

Peter said the program will greatly benefit the students and help them to contribute to their overall development.

“We are confident that it will be a valuable addition to the educational experience offered by your school.”

He said the purpose of this program is to provide valuable learning and skill-building opportunities to students in alignment with their academic and personal growth.

Peter explained that a career path will also impact students with knowledge on how to develop career related skills such as resume writing, interviewing and networking.

Latjor Woun, Peace Ambassador of Rwanda said career guidance will help students understand their interests, skills, values and personal traits.

“We envision a future where young people are the driving force behind democracy, technology and education on the continent, a future where people reign even in the most war-torn region,” Latjor said.

Established in 2020, Peacepedia serves as a catalyst for change which amplifies the voice of youth to tell untold stories, facilitate peace talks and spearhead developmental projects.

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