Nuer spiritual leader vacating Warrap State should not disguise deep lying problems

President Salva Kiir in January 2024, ordered security forces to evict Nuer spiritual leader Gai Machiek from his hideout in Warrap State.

Machiek was accused of fomenting the intermittent deadly clashes between the Ngok Dinka of neighboring Abyei Administrative Area and Twic Mayardit of Warrap State. Machiek boasts strong following from his juniors and it is believed that his mother hails from Warrap State.

He is being singled out either fairly or unfairly for the persistent violence between the two communities since the conflict between the two communities has been on for some past years.

The leaders from the two communities dispute ownership of land especially at Aneet which separates the two sides. The politicians should be looking into devising solutions to settle the border boundary dispute rather than looking for scape goat.

Gai Machiek remains a pawn in all this, he is just an immigrant who was forced to leave his ancestral home in Mayom County of Unity State for Warrap State.

The conflict between Ngok Dinka and Twic Mayardit needs to be solved by implementing the recommendations of the ad-hoc committee that was formed by President Salva Kiir. It’s recommendations should be implemented.

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