Government needs to secure guarantees from warring parties in Sudan

The damage caused on the oil pipeline will only be successfully fixed if Juba continues to maintain contact with the warring parties in Sudan.

In order to earn trust from both sides, the government needs to maintain total neutrality to avoid embarrassment. The conflict in Sudan has continued to intensify even once peaceful areas, meaning the conflict is no longer protracted.

President Salva Kiir has constantly been seen to be in touch with the warring parties in Sudan, and he needs to use these contacts and proximity to the warring parties to secure South Sudan’s interests.

The United Nations already warned that halting oil exports will exacerbate the dire economic situation in South Sudan. The effects are already been felt in Juba, with the continuous weakening of the South Sudan Pound with no end in sight.

The conflict in Sudan if not peacefully settled could have far reaching political and economic ramification on oil-dependent South Sudan.

Therefore, it is urgent that the government utilizes it’s position to negotiate with the warring parties to end the conflict.

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