Foreign journalists visit Dongcheng District in Beijing to Experience the Integrated Development

Districts and enterprises in Dongcheng District, Beijing are continuously enhancing their international communication capacity.

By Benjamin Takpiny, Beijing

Districts and enterprises in Dongcheng District, Beijing are continuously enhancing their international communication capacity.

Through foreign journalists, they are telling the world the stories of China in the new era of Chinese modernization. This initiative is also contributing to the capital’s high-level opening-up and high-quality development.

On Wednesday about 100 media practitioners across the world participating in the China media exchange program for 2024, visited Dongcheng District in Beijing to experience the Integrated Development.

In March this year The China International Press Communication Center (CIPCC) launched its 2024 media exchange program in Beijing that was organized by the China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) with the attendance of 100 journalists across the world.

 Speaking to Journalists during the visit, Wang Huawei a member of the Dongcheng District Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and also the Deputy Mayor of Dongcheng District, said that the visit of the foreign journalists marked  a significant milestone on their  journey toward high-quality development.

“Your presence and your stories can help illuminate the dynamic growth of Dongcheng District, the vibrant progress of Beijing, and the remarkable advancements of China. Together, we can share the compelling narrative of Dongcheng District, Beijing, and China with the world. Together, let us work towards building a community with a shared future for humanity and strive to create a better world,” Wang said.

Wang said that Dongcheng district is the national center for politics, culture and international exchanges in China.

“We play an important part in the conservation of the historic cultural city of Beijing, and act as a showcase of the capital’s image to the outside world. Allow me to brief you on the unique resources, advantageous industries, and high-quality services of Dongcheng District to promote high-quality economic development,” he disclosed.

He said that the economic density of Dongcheng District is on par with central districts of major cities in developed countries.

“In 2023, Dongcheng District recorded a district GDP of 357.4 billion yuan, marking a 5% year-on-year growth, and a 6.2% annual average growth in the past three years. Notably, both the total tax revenue and aggregate commercial retail sales in the district have exceeded 100 billion yuan,” Wang noted.

He said that Dongcheng District is dedicated to cultivating pillar industries and making strenuous efforts to promote high-quality economic development.

“We have closely followed the development strategy underpinned by culture, driven by finance, and led by digital economy, as we vigorously create new competitive advantages in industrial development,” Wang said.

He added that the finance sector stands as the first pillar industry of Dongcheng District, as more than 1,000 financial enterprises based in their district contributed to an added value of over 100 billion yuan last year, accounting for approximately 30% of the district’s GDP.

“With Dongcheng District housing many leading international financial institutions including Morgan Stanley, headquarter of Agriculture Bank of China, and Huaxia Bank, we see that our efforts to build the financial eco-system for the capital are in full swing. The thriving digital economy contributes to over 40% of the district’s GDP. Dongcheng District is home to 579 national high-tech enterprises,” Wang revealed.

He added that Dongcheng District prioritizes the enhancement of the business environment, guided by principles of marketization, rule of law, facilitation, and internationalization, aiming to offer enterprises the highest quality and most accommodating services.

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