Government needs to take good responsibility of the facilities handed to it under the ECRP I project

The World Bank funded Enhancing Community Resilience & Local Governance Phase Project (ECRP I) has just concluded, and it has already been replaced by ECRP II.

Under ECRP I the implementing partners The United Nations Office for Project Service (UNOPS) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) handed over 345 facilities to the government. These facilities include newly built health centers, primary school classrooms, water and sanitary facilities and also roads and bridges.

The government now has the responsibility to ensure the health centers and the schools are maintained well.

For example, Ngerjebe primary heath care center in Lokiliri pyam which was among the 31 health facilities handed over lacks enough trained health staff. The facility has new hospital beds, bed sheets, curtains, theater and maternal wards and water and sanitation facilities and also electricity but requires  the government to support with medicines and trained staff.

The government should not be looking at humanitarian organizations and donors to be doing it’s job, the time has come for the government to show it’s worth to the people of South Sudan.

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